Startups And Stuff Episode 4: Alex Is Wrong


Hello and welcome back to another episode of Startups And Stuff, a running experiment concerning how well the two of us can coordinate calendars.

This week we took a dive into Slack, Tidal, and more. It was as action packed as podcasts come. Oh, and we found the time to discuss the various merits of sparkling water.

You know that that was on your mind.

I was in charge of editing this week, which meant that I had the pleasure of going back through the show a few times. Normally I would not mind. This week, however, there was a long section in which I argue with Ryan, and lose.

We got into an extended riff concerning Slack, revenue, spend, advertising, and the history of SaaS. Sometimes I pick the wrong hill to die upon. So far in this show, it’s 1-0 Ryan.

Hit play, enjoy, and we are glad that you are taking the time out of your week to hang with us.

Image via Flickr user Vladimir under CC BY-SA 2.0. Image has been cropped.

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