Startups And Stuff Episode 5: We Pretend To Understand Cars

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Hello, and welcome back to Startups And Stuff, a weekly chat about what’s going on in the little world of Silicon Valley. And what annoys us. Mostly the latter, mixed with a bit of the former.

This week Ryan was in Berlin, so we did a Skype session. The audio is a bit uneven, but the content is as mediocre as always, so don’t worry.

This week our discussion centered around two topics: GM’s entrance into the self-driving car space by using its wallet as a paddle to slap a startup into crying uncle, and Instacart, which appears to be suffering from a teething problem or two.

In the first case, GM minted a fresh unicorn, and then exited it by picking up Cruise for around $1 billion. In the second case, Instacart, a double-corn, is shaking up its business model, changing compensation structures, and generally speaking going through an awkward adolescence.

It always comes back to unit economics.

Next week we will be remote once more, but never fear, after that our sultry voices will be back in the same room. We really enjoy doing this, and having you listen makes it all the more fun.

Tips and tricks to @ryanlawler and @alex on Twitter, as always.

Image via Flickr user Travis under CC BY-SA 2.0. Image has been cropped.

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