Startups And Stuff Episode Episode 6: Ryan Was Wrong

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Hello friends, and welcome back to Startups and Stuff, or what we have taken to internally calling Ryan and Alex’s recurring cocktail hour.

This is our sixth episode, something that we are proud of, as we have at once not died, or been shut down.

This week we dive into the great mystery of Startup L. Jackson, and how Ryan tried to chase down the author’s identity and got surprisingly close. He didn’t manage the scoop before leaving TechCrunch, however, sadly.

Now, the mystery over and everyone is in the know.

Never meet your heroes they say, as you will always be disappointed. That is how I feel at the moment. Ryan’s wrong, but entertaining report eventually was published on Medium. So that’s some good TechCrunch salary money well spent.

We also took a lovely detour into the Great History of Spoonrocket, and how its existence led to Postmates losing more money. We apologize to its investors.

All that and a long chat about options and Snapchat. What more could you want!

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