Startups And Stuff Episode 7: Andy Grove And Local Layoffs

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Welcome back home, friends and family. Today marks the seventh episode of Startups and Stuff, something that I never thought I would be able to utter, but am very happy about all the same.

Before we talk about topics, I want to thanks Adam Singer for writing theme music for the show. We have friends that are far nicer and more talented than we are. We love them.

Most importantly this week Ryan Lawler and myself dug into the death of Andy Grove, a real titan of Silicon Valley. It’s easy to forget that Silicon Valley wasn’t always the place where so much innovation happened.

After the serious bits, we dug into the recent changes at Pebble and the company’s layoffs. It’s never wildly fun to to discuss layoffs, especially in the current downturn, but here we are.

Oh, and we may have spent a little time discussing virtual reality. How could we not?

Much love, and see you next week.

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