Startups And Stuff Episode 9: Did You Miss Us?

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We are back! Startups and Stuff is back online with both Ryan and myself doing important word making that also involves microphones. We are glad that you are here.

This week we had two core topics: Sundar Pichai’s Founder Letter at Google, and the latest pages of the Prof. Jeff Jarvis feud.

Reviewing our show notes and the audio I noticed something that I want to highlight: The ongoing conversations in technology tend to decamp into two categories: Startups, and Giants.

Lost somewhat in the mix of our discussion of Series A Crunches and Look At Apple’s Bank Account are a lot of firms that are stuck somewhere in the middle. Perhaps they are public, or just late stage and lost, but I hope that we as a media troupe can spend a bit more time in the Middle Class.

Regardless, the Little Show That Could is back online and we think that you are terrific.

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